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Help our planet by making the ecological choice-
biodegradable, Eco-friendly, plant-based straws

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Why you should choose our straws


Plastic-free, non-toxic, vegan straws. Made from renewable source – natural fibers obtained from Sugarcane & Agave. No new plants need to be grown or trees cut to produce our straws!

plastic feel

It has that old familiar plastic feeling. Except that straw won’t be around for the next generation to clean up.


It takes less than 24 months for straws to decompose fully.
Can be put in compost bin or green organics bin.



You Can Choose To Reuse Straws, As It Will Not Get Soggy, Break Or Leave Any Residue In The Drink! You Can Bite It Or Twist It, And It Will Still Maintain Its Shape. Right To The Very Last Drop.

Various uses

Can be used in hot or cold drinks, like cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, yoghurt, coffee, etc.

Not made in china

Made in South America To Continue To Help The Local Community Create Jobs And Workplaces.

Not only good for environment but looks great too!

Make Changes now!


57 million: the number of plastic straws used daily in canada


500 years: the amount of time it takes for a plastic straw to decompose


100,000: the amount of marine animals that die every year from ingesting plastic


2050: the year when experts predict there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

Waste no More!